Kawhi Leonard & Danny Green Postgame Interview – Game 3 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals


  1. House of Highlights

    Check out Kawhi’s Plan, our parody of Drake’s God’s Plan: https://youtu.be/KxoiYGAlMb4

  2. I think Kawhi needs to let the fro out sometime

  3. Anthony Mcfarlane

    Danny looking like he stole his dads jacket lol Keep shooting man this is your series

  4. ????????

  5. This is so stupid how they do this they play basketball that’s it all this extra shit is so unnecessary but I can go sign up to be a cop or fireman right now being fat as fuck or no muscle at all making maybe 12 an hour or lil more world makes sense

  6. These 2 literally changed the whole team.
    Pop punching in the air right now.

  7. Kawhiet ? Leonard ….. much respect to you

  8. Jr. Donaldson 20

    Whole Toronto Raptors squad= Pure Legendary ?

  9. Kawhi has a seriousness about him that doesn’t go unnoticed. He ain’t playing with the warriors at all.. dude never gets too high and never gets too low.

  10. Spurs fan here, hope Danny and Kawhi slaughter the Warriors. Hate to see how the relationship crumbled but it is what it is, knock off the bad guys now!

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