Kawhi is the finest participant on the planet, in advance of LeBron! – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman insists Kawhi Leonard is the finest participant in basketball, even in advance of LeBron James.

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  1. *Customs:* why are you entering Canada and the US back and forth?


  2. LeBron’s reign is over. He’s still top 5 at the fifth spot. My list, 1. Kawhi Leonard, 2. Kevin Durant, 3. Giannis Antetokounmpo, 4. Anthony Davis, 5. LeBron James

  3. Why does max still think kd’s injury is an achilles??? Lmao does this guy even know human anatomy? they literally confirmed that it’s just a calf strain

  4. -.- keep that same energy next year

  5. What if max is actually ahead of time

  6. Rob Low
    Max: you not getting enough sleep look at your eye lids
    Stephen A: your wrong…you looking at it from the wrong perspective….and let me tell you why

  7. Max . Get the fuck outta here. He is not there yet . And he is not better than what Lebron did . Plus he won’t win against the warriors . He proved his Value

  8. MAX STFU !

    Lebron only had that title cos he was ahead of everybody else.. there is no best player in the world rn, it’s too close one minute it’s KD, Giannis than Kawhi stfu.. Lebron was ahead of everybody n only player to make a great debate sombody was better than Jordan

    *and Lebron average more this regular season than kD n hawhi in his “down year” ? 28/8/8

  9. Max: *_breathes_*
    Stephen A. Smith: I don’t agree with you, and here’s why

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