Katy Perry – Never Really Over (Trailer)

Pre-Save “Never Really Over” – Available May 31: http://katy.to/NROPreSave

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  1. If this is what shes coming back with she needs tonstay gone..she is off her rocker anyways.

  2. This trailer is so peaceful ❤️??
    Like if you agree

  3. Sheeeeeeee’s back!

  4. Pablo Gonzalez Perez

    Welcome to headspace

  5. Maria Beatriz Guedes

    My Queen is Back ❤️❤️

  6. Ita place the mind goes… to tickle itself.

  7. Cool – Hope she stopped acting and trying to be the new Miley Cirus…

  8. More excited for kp5 or ts7??

  9. Is that Rebel Wilson talking?

  10. Pauline Calabroso

    OMG!!!I’m shook because my notification is ringing and I check it out and then this is it I saw NEVER REALLY OVER!!!AHHHHH I’m screaming because I’ve been waiting for a long time..and now it has trailer!!????????

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