Kate’s Expressions During The Queen’s Procession Say It All

It is hard not to show any emotion at all, and some Twitter users viewing the procession of the queen’s casket observed some coming through on Kate Middleton’s face. Here is what they saw.

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  1. Why is it Meghan has always has to be hanging on to Harry, this particular time was so inappropriate. It’s like she is showing the world see what have control of.

  2. is every white women practicing the amber heard face expressions

  3. I wish people would learn to pronounce Norfolk correctly. In the US & England the “L” is silent! After all the US Norfolk was named after the Norfolk in England. While I’m at it, please pronounce Appalachian correctly, too. It’s latch not laytch!! 👍

  4. They all must be tired.

  5. Kate is a man

  6. Love Anne. Way too much focus on Kate.

  7. William and Kate and their children had a relationship with the Queen. MM and her supposed children never had one. MM sure isn’t grieving as she’s too busy thinking about what money H will get, titles, if she looks good on camera and what she gets. Both should get nothing.

  8. How Much Is That “DOGGY IN THE WINDOW”? Great Song!

  9. She looks like she’s losing quite a bit of weight in her face 🙁

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