Karl’s Story – Dream SMP

Karl’s Story – Dream SMP!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of Karl’s Story on the Dream SMP. I promise you this Minecraft Documentary is like nothing you have ever seen before. As ever I’m really eager to test the thresholds with each and every upload!! Tell me your favorite part in the remarks!!

Merch: https://crowdmade.com/collections/evanmcgaming

Large thanks to the 32 total folks who helped me get replay shots!! Could not have done it without any you people!!

Music included by AfterInfinity, Epidemic Sound, Qumu, and more!! (Particular credits coming by tomorrow)

Intro: (00:00)
The Village That Went Mad: (00:54)
The Library: (01:42)
The Lost City of Mizu: (02:58)
Library 2: (10:09)
The Masquerade: (11:37)
The Inbetween: (19:49)
The Wild West: (22:06)
Inbetween 2: (27:14)
Kinoko Kingdom: (30:41)
The Haunted Mansion: (32:03)
Inbetween 3: (37:24)
The Pit: (40:31)
The Portal: (46:24)
The Other Side: (49:07)
Credits: (49:39)


  1. HUGE thanks to Karl for letting me use the official builds from Tales From The SMP!! This video wouldn’t be possible without them!!

  2. Michael Isaacs Streams

    Connor was one of the bandits during the Wild West episode (in his normal outfit as well), but it didn’t even register with Karl until the haunted mansion where he reappeared..

  3. One Word: Masterpiece

  4. If I had to describe this in a single word.
    I would say it is a *MASTERPIECE*

  5. Ur videos are great they feel like movies

  6. This is amazing I love the details and the story. Could you make a Ranboo backstory video to?

  7. I’m so excited for the next part this is going to be amazing

  8. 𝑳𝒖𝒗𝒙𝑰𝒄𝒚ツ 🤍 #roadto100

    Corpse rlly went lookin for his head lol

  9. The amount of work you put in these videos is just surreal,me as a youtuber i know how hard it is to keep consistent with uplodaing,but every video you drop is an absolute banger,props to you.

  10. a bit disappointed that the fiances weren’t mentioned at all but this is probably my new favorite of your videos it was so well done!

    i wasn’t really expecting them to be mentioned because during the ranboo video his and tubbos marriage wasn’t mentioned (or only very shortly mentioned i don’t remember) even tho its very important to his story

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