Kane Brown, Katelyn Brown – Thank God (Official Music Video)

“Thank God” featuring Kane’s spouse Katelyn Brown, is out now from Kane’s new album “Different Man” available now: https://KB.lnk.to/DifferentManAY

Listen On:
Apple Music: https://KB.lnk.to/DifferentManAY/applemusic
iTunes: https://KB.lnk.to/DifferentManAY/itunes
Spotify: https://KB.lnk.to/DifferentManAY/spotify
Amazon Music: https://KB.lnk.to/DifferentManAY/amazonmusic
YouTube Music: https://KB.lnk.to/DifferentManAY/youtubemusic
Pandora: https://KB.lnk.to/DifferentManAY/pandora


  1. Love her voice!!!

  2. 2 of the most beautiful people Ive ever seen ❤️🙏❤️🙏

  3. Love it so much, radiates love 🥺❤️

  4. Wow! Not that I’m surprised but after the first couple lines I was already into it & after the chorus I was addicted. Just that fast & easy. That’s how amazing KB is.

  5. I miss this girl so much, ik we’re not meant to be; but I pray to god to bless her w the biggest blessing bc she’s literally worth the entire world. I still thank god for bringing her into my life.

  6. She needs to make her own album she’s that good.

  7. Omg! Girl you can sing bebe! Let’s go Mama! Cannot stop playing it! Love Love ❤️

  8. Oh my goodness she has such a beautiful voice ! I absolutely love this. They definitely need to do more music together😍

  9. Shantay Overstreet

    I’m totally in love with this song! 😍 🎚🔊❤️🙏🏾

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