Kane Brown, blackbear – Memory (Official Video)

“Reminiscence” is out now!

Listen On:
Apple Music: https://KB.lnk.to/kbxbbmemoryAY/applemusic
iTunes: https://KB.lnk.to/kbxbbmemoryAY/itunes
Spotify: https://KB.lnk.to/kbxbbmemoryAY/spotify
Amazon Music: https://KB.lnk.to/kbxbbmemoryAY/amazonmusic
YouTube Music: https://KB.lnk.to/kbxbbmemoryAY/youtubemusic
Pandora: https://KB.lnk.to/kbxbbmemoryAY/pandora


  1. That part blackbear says I just wanna roll all my feeling into a joint. I feel that big time

  2. This goes hard !

  3. Fake country.
    What a horrific collab by two amateur singers.

  4. Nothing generic about this tune. 😛

  5. Loser~ ^ ^ Lauren Alaina…..

  6. I just love the cracking voice of Kane brown

  7. The worst collaboration ever produced. Kane Brown is a horrible singer.

  8. When I saw this I lost my shit!! I love how blackbear and post malone are making genre jumps it’s epic!!

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