Jurors in Alex Murdaugh trial speak out on speed of conviction

James McDowell, Gwen Generette and Amie Williams, three folks on the jury for Alex Murdaugh’s dual homicide trial, open up about the court cases and the deliberations that led to a guilty verdict. They in addition chime in on whether or not he should have taken the stand and testify in his own defense.

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  1. Catherine Branson

    God bless these jurors they did a wonderful job… Thank you

  2. That was a very good interview. The jury had it right. 🇺🇸

  3. Like the jurors. Not so for the Today show….radicals

  4. “Did the financial crimes’ weight your decision?”

    “Well, we could only consider those for motive”…”but yes, it showed he has a propensity for bad acts.”

    Incredible. Way to bolster the defenses already strong appeal hahaha.

  5. Amie call me

  6. Laura Matterazzo

    They saw right through Murdaugh just like the judge did. Great job! And more importantly, thank you.

  7. They seem like decent people who were very fair minded and took time to analyze the evidence fairly. It’s shameful to hear the MSM Alex Murdaugh class shill for his ridiculous defense/alternative theory of how Paul and Maggie died. MSM these days seem to be in the business of gaslighting for the rich and powerful and cant believe this jury refused to be gaslit!

  8. Interviewing jurors should not be allowed. It bothers me that this is the new normal. If they show a bias that they went into the trial with, that now gives evidence for an appeals case. I’m not saying these people in particular, but just in general it’s a dumb idea

    A juror in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial spoke with the media and almost destroyed the whole case. It’s not right and it’s not a good idea.

  9. Justice for Maggie and Paul. 💐

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