June’s Journey Mystery Lounge: Best Served Gold – Day 4

Thanks to our community, the gang collected on enough Gold to pay off the mystifying Von Wolf. Now the clock is ticking until they can get the 10-Star Box back. Once it is securely in their hands, we are going to share the never-before-seen ornament with everybody that helped them each day of this challenge.


  1. This was great!

  2. I thought we were getting a 10 star box..

  3. Wow that was cool. Do it again?!

  4. 😄 That was fun <3

  5. Fun

  6. Marcia Quintiliano

    Amei ter participado. Espero Mais dessas aventuras 😃

  7. Loved it well done all !! 😀

  8. Dario is So Cute!! 😬🤗

  9. You all are adorable! This was fun.

  10. Me gusta mucho el juego, pero no esta en español, entonces me pierdo la mayor parte. Podrían ponerlo en español, muchas gracias.

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