June’s Journey Mystery Lounge: Best Served Gold – Day 1

The gang are in the Detective Lounge for their Meeting Time, but catastrophe strikes when they find their magnificent 10-Star Box is missing! And where is Madam Marbles?

We need to find the Star Box! Inside it was the cutest decoration yet! Help them today by serving the free Energy drink in the Café. We will reward everyone who serves an Energy drink today, and players that participate every day of the event will receive the brand-new decoration that’s been taken … assuming we can get it back from whoever stole it!

How: Each day the videos will tell you what the gang needs to solve the mystery. You will get a small in-game prize for participating each day, and if you complete each daily request, you will receive a spectacular, brand-new decoration!


No Purchase Necessary. Terms and Conditions apply: woo.ga/promorules.


  1. Quem mas joga june’s journey?

  2. Podrían ponerlo en español, mil gracias. Buenas noches

  3. Love June’s journey!

  4. Please don’t police your clients/customers with money for Ukraine. They’ve already gotten billions of dollars of our taxpayer money, and you don’t need to ask people who are playing a game for money fear Ukraine. It’s a money laundering system. Remember 10% for the big guy. Also it’s in poor taste all the way around. I play this game to escape from the world in politics. Shame on you guys for begging for money for that loser Zelenskyy. He just bought an $8 million home for his parents in Florida. Figure it out people. Oh, also… I’ll never spend one red cent on your game ever again. Oh, I will play it, however, you will never see me pay for anything. I don’t care if I have to wait three days to move up a level. I’ll wait. There’s other games that I am more than willing to spend my money on that aren’t begging for money for Ukraine.

  5. Its fun😍

  6. Für Menschen die dem Englischen nicht mächtig sind, ist es absolut nicht spielbar. Es wäre angebracht es in Deutsch ansehen zu können

  7. Not fair, I didn’t know about it at 2 am on the 21st, and now it’s 2 am on the 22nd and it’s too late?

  8. Hello to all 💁‍♀️so where is the reward for yesterdays serving energy drink …I watched the video yesterday served the drink in my club ..will watch todays episode ….but again where is the reward for every days task (3 days) besides the prize of yhe new decoration 🤷‍♀️

  9. 🥰🥰🥰❣️❣️❣️🥳🧚

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