JuJu Smith-Schuster Goes To a Fan’s Prom!!

Good fortune to all of the 2019 graduates!

It’s Lit!



  1. How many times did the kid do “??”

  2. 94 dudes really jealous juju wasn’t their fate lmao

  3. So how much did that kid pay u to go

  4. YOU TALK WIERD!!! ??

  5. Those suits are sick… Pause video @ exactly 6:00 minutes… 2 quick pix of the suit in all its glory.. #StLaurent #10k

  6. This is one of many reasons why you’re my fav player juju


    What i wanna know is where the goofy that turned him down? I wonder if she was there

  8. Trooper Cameron

    This is why we love you bro

  9. BuccDaworld 2.0

    Im a BUCS fan for life!! But im also a fan of JUJU on dat beat. #19Litty??

  10. Lost count of how many times my guy does this ?? in the video ??

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