Jordan Peele on Winning Best Original Screenplay for ‘Get Out’ | Oscars 2018

Jordan Peele won Best Original Screenplay for ‘Get Out’ at the 2018 Oscars and gives his first post-win interview!


  1. GET OUT IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER I SWEAR shit not even funny how bad it is but all at the same time it is funny

    • JEICE darling right? I like the idea he was going for. But It turned into a paranoid bull shit about “the whites want our perfect bodies to gain immortality” the shit is corny

  2. Get out
    Was low key overrated

  3. Saved up my money so i can ride the future Calif. Bullshit Train.

  4. Congratulations ?.. Well done and many more to come.

  5. Are you kidding me? The fucking black paranoia film won something? I forgot about this shit pile and it won something? Don’t get me wrong I liked what he was going for in this movie but it was just corny.

    • Artur Zinurov nice attempt have a good day

    • vapidreaper ok tell me what so great about this film?

    • vapidreaper well? Pls enlighten me on what is good about this film and what I say about this film that is incorrect? If I was so wrong then it would have been easy to counterattack my statement but you are not doing not because you “too good to have a discussion with me” but because you can’t make any argument you don’t have anything to say you like this movie because “it’s for the culture y’all” but you don’t care what is the movie about. I bet you don’t know what the idea of this movie was.

  6. Crap

  7. Love the Jordan peele so much

  8. All hail the the return of genre films: Shape of Water for best pic and director and Get Out for original screenplay. Haven’t seen any like this since Silence of the Lambs.

  9. What I loved about this movie it is just a classic it reminds me of an old black and white Hollywood film that focuses on awesome acting. There were no special effects, tricks or gimmicks just exceptional story and performance.? definitely the best film this year as far as drama.

  10. Budji Tresvalles

    Congratulations Jordan!!!!! What an achievement!!! Im so proud of you. Your win made me feel so happy. Thanks for the inspiration!

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