Jonas Brothers on Reuniting, Marriages and Drinking as Therapy (Extended Interview)

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas talk about the breakup, marriages and babies they have had in the 1 decade since last appearing together on Late Night, which sibling leaked their reunion plans and getting real about Disney in their documentary, Chasing Happiness.

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  1. How did these dorks ever bag these women they married,the one married to the Indian women looks like a mentally challenged teenager.

  2. Kevins face is so funny when joe says the spoiler ????

  3. I was never a fan of the jonas brothers but now i am and Kevin is my favorite

  4. Nick looks GOOD in that suit

  5. I would think that person would be thrilled to have a lot of famous people’s numbers and be in a group chat… you know how much tea you could find out that way ???

  6. Omg Tokio Hotel were in my German gcse text book

  7. Can’t believe these handsome men are married and having kids..they all look in early 20s,they haven’t changed a bit since,they all still look gorgeous

  8. joe mentioning tokio hotel gave me war flashbacks

  9. I like Kevin married someone who isn’t famous. They try to give their children the most normal life as possible!

  10. Mickey’s crying in a corner somewhere.

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