Jon Stewart gags up, gives maddened lecture to Congress

Previous late evening host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart gags up and slams Congress over healthcare for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim reimbursement fund.

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  1. Ask marty Daniel and Charlie Daniels

  2. What a joke they let this old drunk washed up comedian give his
    opinion with his shitty beard and his wrinkled Jc penny suit.

  3. He should run for President,I guarantee he would drained the swamp that is our government

  4. For a start, switch the retirement program of the House of Representatives to social security, then give them a 501, 401k, or whatever contributory plan is fitting, just like the rest of us…

  5. Easy to understand this… Brave and Brilliant Jon Stewart working for the Light and Sold their Soul Congress not present is in Darkness working with the Deep-state who was a HUGE PART in bing part of 911 from with in the U.S.A. Folks we know this was an INSIDE JOB BY NOW!! Every Smart Enough American or Decent Person knows this by now. Its like asking Satan to Cooperate… Gotta Go #UNRIG !! Robert David Steele is the Answer!! God Bless America!!

  6. America, rich and callous. Never going to visit it again. The bane of the world. Religious nuts the lot of you.

  7. Thanks to the Democrat party and United Nations, funded by your Tax Dollars, all illegal invaders coming across the border receives a monthly $1,000.00 EBT Card, Plus $200.00 for every child.

  8. Tina McLaughlin

    Time to clean house of evil putzs and get some souls in there to help the helping class of humans who helped as it all fell down.

  9. Who down voted this?

  10. It’s Ya Boy Dre

    God bless John Stewart man, this brought tears to my eyes. He’s absolutely right, get those people the help they need. This is crazy.

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