Jon Jones breaks down Gane win, says Stipe Miocic better give 100% of himself for their fight

Jon Jones joins the UFC 285 Post Show to recap his submission win against Ciryl Gane in his first fight in over a few years. “Bones” in addition looks ahead to a struggle against previous heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic.


  1. Esa pelea se vio tan falsa, es una pena que Ciril se preste a eso, se que el mayor negocio era ver de nuevo a Jones pelear y que Dana lo quiere contra Francis, pero es que la pelea de ayer fue como si Ciril estaba amarrado. De la pelea entre tuavisa y está actual todo se fue a la basura.

  2. There was no doubt. Against Miocic he’s going to look even faster having more time to get used to the weight.

  3. Man…Jon seems different now. He’s matured and keeps his faith despite his sin and mistakes…

    I’m on board.

  4. The goat on coke!

  5. Hopefully he rounded up the win by hitting a pregnant woman on the way home and then injecting some more steroids.

  6. I was one of the few who thought would run through Game like Taco Bell runs through me.

  7. closinginonclosure

    1:25 Jon Jones “Got an early finished”

  8. Nathan Schneider

    It’s all staged!

  9. Stipe is gonna get retired badly.Jones obvi ain’t playing at heavyweight. and that’s to say he clearly was playing around in his last few fights at LHW.

  10. closinginonclosure

    5:51 Basically talks about how grateful he is that people still support him despite his mistakes, and they “inspire” him. In the lead up he’s talked about about mistakes not defining you and forgiveness. Meanwhile, at a pre fight question he was set off by a reporter asking a question he didn’t like, and Jon got mad and said “next question”. Two days later at the post fight presser, the same reporter, Mike Bohn asked a question and Jon immediately passed over him to the next person. Holding a grudge from a question a couple days earlier. He’s not practicing what he’s preaching.

    • closinginonclosure

      Or, he’s being selfish and only wants forgiveness when it’s about himself, and it’s not 2 way street.

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