Jon Jones banters with Whittaker & Volkanovski before UFC 285 | Fox Sports Australia

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  1. Stream the full episode and every UFC event LIVE via

  2. I love how eating naturally and cleanly made this MOSTER of a man a little uncomfortable.

    What people don’t understand is eating A FUCK TON of food and not DOING anything is gonna make you fat. But if you eat clean and WORK you can be big in a GOOD way. Eating and training is the most natural thing your body can do. That’s why we get sleepy when we eat more than we should.

    Looking forward to this fight, its going to be the quintessential battle of SPEED vs POWER. I’m super excited.

    BTW: Jones didn’t do community service voluntarily, it’s great he’s taking the shitty shit that happened to him and turned it into a great personal (and PR) experience. Loving this buildup going into the fight. No disrespect, just straight technical talk. I want Gane to win, but I don’t think he has the speed.

  3. humble jones era

  4. Knuckles don’t bag no-one.He talks fighting & the rest ain’t his business.Bones looks in a good headspace.That means danger to anyone that fights him.Look who’s back.The slim shady of the MMA world.Welcome back Bones.And still Undefeated.

  5. Myzi Ynkawao LSBEIS

    Just drink daily juice, eat clen and tren hard JONES LIFESTYLE 🔥🔥

  6. Jon you are a psychopath and a funny cunt 🤣. Good luck on Saturday champ

  7. JJ what a breath of fresh air I’m so excited for this

  8. Vive la France ! Little contry for best talent ! Gane (and Ngannou training whit Lopez) for UFC .Mbappé for soccer (whit team France) And Victor wembanyama for NBA

  9. Thank god he didn’t call Volk short otherwise he would bulk up to heavyweight

  10. Imo – he still seems disingenuous but all the best for the fight.

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