JOKER Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs You Missed!

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Joker Movie gets a scene by scene breakdown and in-depth assessment! What Batman Easter Eggs and classic film influences did you miss in Joker (2019) featuring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck? What hidden clues throughout the film foreshadow the Joker final scene? Erik Voss breaks down the deeper which means of the Joker film. What widely known film characters motivated this Joker? How does Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker pay respect to Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight?


Editors: Joshua Hurd, Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión
Music: “Sci Fi” from


  1. Multiple choice

  2. This took way to long

  3. Daniel McDermott

    I liked how the Joker kinda won in this film. Everyone who fucked him over he got even with

  4. 27th trending

  5. Judgedeath Plays

    Him putting his gun to his chin was pointless. We all knew he was going to shoot Murry. No need make out he was going to top himself.

  6. *Run someone over* Conan dance time.

  7. Where’s the full movie

  8. Mestre Rosa Mansur

    Arthur picking up the studio camera for a close shot immediately reminded me of the same scene in Dark Knight.
    Also, the final dance on the ambulance. “You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”.

  9. I think I remember the adoption papers being blank as though he had no name.

  10. I think Scorsese’s rat was just thematic in the sense that the entire movie of the departed dealt with two different rats trying to take each other down.

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