Joining Random People’s Minecraft Servers

this is part 3 to joining random servers yay

#Minecraft #PlanetLord

not using a texture pack to trap this SMP… or how i nearly got barred on this SMP, this is a minecraft server called minehut that lets you join random folks’s minecraft servers. folks were really perplexed because the server was not whitelisted. i even managed to get OP on some random person’s server. enjoy! 🙂

btw FactionsFire / 817ml / 0neHeart / probably more if ur reading this
sorry i didnt include ur server my recording corrupted 😛



  1. oops its been 3 months

  2. Your keyboard and mouse sounds are so satisfying😌

  3. i dont think he realised he leaked his discord info

  4. A tip for you idiots who kill randomly:don’t kill randomly it’s a ban or your dead next

  5. The parkour one was immposible

  6. He’s taken my job

  7. This is a example of why I’m a single minecraft player 😂 I’m so lonely in minecraft 😂😭😭

  8. Minecraft is a plague!!!! I can’t get rid of it off my recommendations on Youtube no matter how hard I try, this is complete garbage that everytime I say don’t recommend me this channel a new Minecraft punk pops up

  9. dripyy stone

  10. Captain Rock Boi

    plantet load more like plantet ass LOL that burn was shit

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