Johnny Depp’s legal team talks about victory in slander case l GMA

Legal professionals Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew sit down for their first interview since the trial’s verdict to debate Depp’s reaction to the news and what has occurred post-trial.

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  1. Don’t destroy others life with lie cause your’s will be destroyed with truth.

  2. Lady Enchantress Garden and Travel

    She truly indeed is an inspiration, well done guys!!

  3. Now this is professionalism at it’s best, Fantastic job to these great Lawyers! I certainly hope Depp does NOT let Heard off the hook, Let her pay for her mistakes, she has clearly not learned a lesson solely from the loss. Johnny can certainly donate the money if he doesn’t want or need it, there are plenty of charities that would benefit and be much more grateful..

  4. So now we know how much you need to spend to win an argument with a women,,,,, lol 😂 Johnny has proved that it is possible to win lol 😂

  5. Ben Chew is so hot

  6. carlos cabrera

    Questions sounds like personal attacks.

  7. Broceliande Forest

    If Depp had been wrongly defeated that would not help any anti violence movement because you can’t have a movement based on untruths.

  8. Subhashree Panda

    I wish that people understand victimhood is not the sole ‘privilege’ of a particular gender. The fact that groups claiming to be supporting victims and helping victims get their justice … are criticising this verdict having conveniently ignored the hard facts and evidence in this case goes to show where their loyalties lie. And for one it doesn’t lie either with the truth or with actual victims.

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