Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez Reveals Who Could Play Her In a Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Throughout the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, one of the largest names to arise was Camille Vasquez. In her first 1 on 1 TV interview after her team pulled out a win for Depp, the lawyer gets personal exclusively with Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez. She opens up about becoming an afflatus to young females and unveils who she wants to play her in a motion picture. Catch Mario’s interview with Camille on Wednesday’s Access Hollywood.

About Access Hollywood:
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  1. Michèlle Lategan

    Megan Markle.

  2. Camille our hero !

  3. What the fu

  4. I love you camille

  5. Yeah …how about J.Lo. and Salma…in Debbie and Camilie does Dallas….😂

  6. william nepinak

    Shes sooo pretty its crazy.

  7. I could see Eva Longoria playing Camille that would be a perfect match you go girl so proud of you

  8. Its so corny to glamorize her doing her job.

  9. The real question is who can play Johnny depp?

  10. 1:30 Sis earned her VCA and Cartier with this trial.

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