Johnny Depp speaks to shocked fans from his Cadillac truck on final day of trial

Actor Johnny Depp spoke to shocked fans from his truck on final day of his slander trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Legal professionals on either side made their closing arguments. The jury will decide the verdict in the coming days.

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  1. The Gazing Eye

    Imagine being a weirdo fan like that. Something is wrong with their brains.

  2. The actions of these people seem not merely of fandom but of empathy for what he’s been through.

  3. I 🤔 what’s in the envelope that lady handed Johnny

  4. such a stupid question grow up. Johnny giving his time to people after a long day at trial is just so beautiful.

  5. man just those 50 seconds alone are exhausting.

  6. The behavior of an abuser through and through. You people are in a cult.

  7. James Nwachukwu

    Why would you ask if he’s dating Camille?? Like WTF!! He’s stressed af and you wanna stress him more with that question??

    He’s such an amazing man by the way, took his time with the fans.

  8. Johnny Depp looks so happy to see he still has so many fans. So many people have abandoned Johnny over the years because of Amber’s lies. I really hope Johnny wins and gets his Career and Reputation back.

  9. These people are nuts.

  10. Some people should stop talking stupid… Why he want to date a young lady Camille is his lawyer have more respect …. Move on, stop thinking with one’s p*nis.

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