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  1. I will have a vlog up tomorrow with my full reactions to the show! Thank for watching everyone! Subscribe if you’re new!! 🔥🎥

    • inshAllah

    • Me too bro… I am gonna 30 yrs old but i was like freaked out when his music hits.. Goosebumps bro what a moment

    • Jayvant Gavhane

      Bro I am almost cry that moment 😂❤

    • Money in the Bank? More like Yuan in the Bank. Ofc John Cena shows up when money is mentioned. did Cena get the briefcase filled with money from the CCP, after apologizing for recognizing Taiwan as a country?

      if any of you dorks actually gets offended by this, i’ll make sure to film an apology video of me speaking in Mandarin.

  2. Snarky Mcsnarkles

    Fan Girling hard

  3. hey kids look its John China and u can see him

  4. thats just basic thuganomics

  5. The White Kid Behind him Was Like
    : 👁️👄👁️

  6. A fully grown bloke SCREAMING at another fully grown bloke….. it used to be girls screaming at the rolling stones, the beatles or elvis….the world is fucked.

  7. Did Cena speak Mandarin there ?

  8. Cristofer Hernandez

    Finally John cena returns to the wwe yes the face of the company is back 💪🤜

  9. Roman: Now the whole world can acknowledge me
    Me: I think Cena does’nt acknowledge you

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