Joe Rogan | The Influence of El Chapo w/Ed Calderon


  1. A man has no name

    People should watch “El Chapo” Netflix series

  2. the eye in the sky

    this dude never talked about the deal EL Chapo had with the D.E.A ? that’s why The Sinaloa Cartel rose to power, with the help of The D.E.A ! any cartel would have risen too. El Chapo never did anything extraordinary other than to traffic with impunity because of his alliance with The D.E.A of providing information on his enemies and handing then all one by one to The D.E.A begining with Osiel Cardenas the leader of The Gulf Cartel and The Arellano Cartel to name a aside from his betrayel of the BELTRAN LEYVA Cartel ( his own ousins) and also handing over Vicente Carrillo Fuentes ( the son of Amado Carrillo ” El Senor De Los Cielos” ” The Lord Of The Skies”, El Chapo also handed over Vicente Zambada Nieblas ( El Mayo’s own son to the D.E.A) and that’s why El Mayo finally handed El Chapo to the Mexican authorities and the Mexican government by orders of El Mayo didn’t even bother to object El Chapo’s extradition to the U.S ? on the contrary The Mexican government itself on an un-explained rarity even expedited the extradition of course Vicente Zambada Niebla ( El Vicentillo and son of El Mayo ) became the prime star witness against El Chapo and the one that put him away for good…

  3. The craziest part is the difficulty of digging a tunnel right under his specific cell and being able to cut a hole in the exact spot they needed to. The logistics involved to pull that off is mind blowing. They had to have blueprints of the prison.

  4. Sean penn is a piece of shit

  5. Spoiler Alert…thats not the real Chapo in jail and Osama is not at the bottom of the ocean…

  6. Anonymous random Guy

    So long that Americans have a desire to do illegal drugs….
    The cartels will always stay in power…

    • that a sly why of pinning these atrocities on Americans?
      Sure sounds like it.
      If Americans ain’t buying, others are.
      Regardless, the drug traffickers will make their money wherever they can.
      Plenty of countries consume drugs

  7. At least they give back to their community a lot. What have billionaires done for their community in the United States? Open a new stadium ? so they can pay them more money to watch the NFL? Get outta here Putos

  8. The only difference between the usa and mexico when it comes to corruption is the price !!!! The USA is the most corrupt shit hole on the planet. But it is Very expensive !!!!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead prove me wrong!!!!!!!!

  9. Pablo Escobar > El Chapo

  10. William Brewster

    EL Mayo is the ? king

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