Joe Rogan Reviews “Joker”


  1. Thought the movie sucked and had the laziest fucking writer ever. Pheonix did a good job but this movie was so “””dark”” more like just really lazy writing with stereotypical mental illness bullshit and then no real fucking plot or meaning. Not at all convinced that was the real joker. Guy was a moron. Joker is a genius.

  2. Hey guys, any spoilers in this before I watch? Seeing it tonight don’t want it spoiled

  3. Livia Lautenschlager

    The Joker, 2019
    “It’s the best fucked up sick movie I’ve ever seen…. A master piece.”
    Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience
    “Acting is just pretending.”

  4. Joe “It’s the greatest fucked up sick movie” Rogan

  5. STFU old man with white hair, stop interrupting Joe, nobody cares about ur opinion

  6. Phoenix in the Joker is one of the greatest acting jobs I’ve ever seen.

  7. Some people can just phone it home with acting because of supremely talented directors but TRUE acting is hard and fucks with your head. True acting is simply BEING.

  8. California Phantom

    Joe Rogan: there’s not a single goddamn funny moment in that movie (joker)

    Me: did he not watch the scene where joker drops the gun in the hospital while entertaining the kids?

  9. Joe must be an incel since he likes the Joker?

  10. Who was joe talking about in the beginning?

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