Joe Rogan Reads Message From Doctor About the Coronavirus


  1. Came to get Joe Rogan’s take on all this. A minute in and I learn that my type A- blood is gonna kill me.

  2. My job is counted as essential so that kinda sucks

  3. gasmaskboi19371945

    There’s something called Viral Load, meaning if you’re surrounded by loads of people with the virus and they all sneeze on you at once and you get loads of the virus at once, it becomes harder for your body to fight it off, meaning you’ll become more ill.

    For everyone scared – my brother had it recently: just stayed at home, didn’t even get too ill – just seemed like a common cough. He still did housework and did things at home like normal.

    Also, I can’t believe Joe Rogan’s “illest friend” looks really healthy.

  4. I have to go to work. I been wearin a skull mask.. Wont keep me from catchin anything but keeps my germs in better then nothing..

  5. Intuitively I get there are virulent forms. Also many different forms that can work together in our bodies. Unfortunately. Did you know, Our vibrational frequencies play a major point in who gets sick also. Your belief system should be a positive one. Our minds can heal us from almost anything. If you believe you’re going to get it, that thought will create a vibrational frequency. Everything has a frequency, even a rock. So stay very high vibe, without drinking or drugs and that will protect you the most. I never get sick, I work around people all day long coughing on me etc. Nothing phases me. I’m not alone either. Many who have this high vibe don’t get sick either. Examine your belief system, It really is your future. 😊

  6. LadyLadyChickChick

    Maybe polluted cities complicate the virus? How polluted is the air in the cities that were slammed in Italy?

  7. Alicia Australian1833

    All Joe wants is the best for the world. 😊

  8. If my parents were to die from this shit, I would hate foreign Chinese people for the rest of my life.

  9. Greater and scarier than the coronavirus is coming. all you who blaspheme the name of God, Prepare all who deny the Gospel may your riches and pride buy you out of what is to come, y’all are a people who hate warning and truth.

    Any nation holding a fist in God’s face deserves to be crumbled. but america’s crumbling is fast approaching. let us buy all we can buy and fight all we can fight. it’s still coming.

    Jesus is the only way, because despite people dying from this foolish virus they’re all going to stand before God even you who are alive one day.

    So let’s continue to make stupid futile arguments as to why we shouldn’t follow the bible and why we shouldn’t believe God exist.


  10. Hey Joe, if you read this can you share it in your next video, my niece and her boyfriend are both doctors, first official year imagine and this happens and now my niece is on the front lines , these is a GP he is a scientist they wrote this song, well the word not thte music obvioulsy but pease give it a alisten

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