Joe on Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3

Taken from JRE #1720 w/Tony Hinchcliffe & Redban:


  1. Great fight break down. 1 of the fairest explanations I’ve seen so far. For wilder to win bronze in Olympics he obviously had skills. But un-practiced skills get lost. With so many knockouts he lost those skills. He needs tune up fights to hone those skills to not rely on power. Because fury is longer sticking his hands out straight forward did not keep fury away. Wilder needs real defensive training

  2. Not a single fighter has knocked out as many guys as Wilder?!? Is Rogan on drugs?!? Hell Julio Cesar Chavez knocked out over 80! Joe is clueless!

  3. This is the equivalent of listening into 3 guys at the watercooler who know nothing about boxing talking about the “big fight” on the weekend. Utterly clueless amateur hour hot takes

  4. Fury got up from The Goddang DEAD in the first fight! He proved he’s KO Proof back then- what’s the surprise?!?

  5. Joe, you are lying about the ‘long count’! The rules were already released after all the misinformation. If the other fighter does not go to the neutral corner, you stop the count and start it again where you left off. it is also not a ten second count, it i a “ten count” at the ref’s discretion.

  6. Yeah but to be fair.. if there was gonna be any corruption it would have been in wilders favour.. US fighter in a US fight with a US ref.. 3 fights enough said

  7. The only reaction video I’ve been waiting for.

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