Joe Burrow on Damar Hamlin, Thoughts on Bengals-Bills Rescheduling, Facing the Ravens and more

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow gives an update for the very first time since Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during Monday’s primetime game.

Burrow gives his thoughts on the outpouring of support from fans and players. He in addition remarks on looking ahead to playing the Baltimore Ravens in Week 18.

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  1. Randy Farnsworth

    I think our society..for all the crazy stuff going on is headed in right direction. This game would have continued and players would not be as concerned 25 years ago.. Remember Daryl Stingley?

  2. Good choice of words 👏. Your a good person, respect. 🦬

  3. I’m a Bucs fan, I find myself now rooting Josh and Joe, class act!!

  4. Jeez I hate media!!! how many times does he need to repeat himself??? It’s tuff and media only makes it worse… but carry on. Let’s go Bengals!!!!

  5. I am a 💯 Cincinnati Bengals fan you want a G.O.A.T? Well here he is HUMBLE not selfish caring learn MAHOMES

  6. 1 like equals 1 prayer for Damar Hamlin

  7. This is the first time I have ever seen an N.F.L interview without a single negative comment. Thank you joe. And the whole organization. And the whole city of Cincinnati. Much love from Buffalo.

  8. maribel maldonado

    I have only one son and I pray for him everyday we do not need the rumors we have to help the team thank you for stopping the game at times the media has the problem these players are human for god sake let them heal

  9. Joe is such a class act! Cincy proud!!

  10. We forget sometimes how young these athletes are. This is very traumatic for them. I hope this young man makes a full recovery.

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