JJ Redick Ejected For Passing the Ball to Referee – Celtics vs Pelicans | February 21, 2021

#HouseofHighlights #NBA


  1. He should get fired for that

  2. Soft as reff should get fined and terminated

  3. Reminds me of when Gary Payton did the same to Steve Javie..just rolled the ball and kicked him out!

  4. what was that extra English Mustard Pass all about, ReDICK. Soft, non-english bounce was good enough. OR leave the ball where it be. Must of been some previous smack talk or bad attitude.

  5. Ref is definitely a Biden supporter

  6. One of the nicest guys in the league- lol

  7. Should of found the ref after the game and thrown hands.

  8. Ref was fined right

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