Jimmy Uso stands up to Roman, ‘For 12 months I’ve watched you abuse Jey!’ | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN

Tensions in the Tribal Family have been increasing as Jimmy Uso declines to acknowledge Roman Reigns. Jimmy stood up to his cousin on Friday Night SmackDown to tell him that he will not back down in jutting up for his twin sibling, Jey Uso.

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  1. Whose side are you on: Jimmy Uso or Roman Reigns?

    • With Roman Reigns side he has been bringing not just his family but also all employees of the WWE together and help transform smackdown into The only main show on WWE and brought us all together, Jimmy USO is afraid of Jey USO’s success as a singles wrestler, like the Hardy boys we do like them together but we do prefer Jeff Hardy as a singles wrestler we are more Jeff Hardy we are more of Hey USO fan sorry Jimmy you’re not going to separate this family like they did the hurt business, if it’s only Roman and Jey we’ll take it and prefer it

    • Jaylin Henderson


    • Jimmy

    • Jimmy , don’t trust Roman anymore

  2. Brandon Heinrich

    Roman Reigns and both Uso’s performances so far!? GEEZ! Incredible stuff.

  3. We prefer Jey USO as a single competitor Jimmy is holding Jey back Roman brought him together with him and saved his career and him from being released so Jimmy you’re not going to split this family up like the hurt business, Jimmy can go to Monday Night Raw

  4. Roman already in the Hall of Fame

  5. Yes, Roman is SO for his family, he cared even as he was punching Jey in the nuts

  6. Is it me or does the Universal Championship look huge Af

  7. I told so many people roman needed paul. He has evolved so amazingly

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