Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers’ Grillz | Fine Points | GQ

Celeb jeweler Trax (Maksud Agadjani) knows his grillz. Join him as he breaks down and reviews the grillz of some of today’s largest rappers, which includes Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Quavo, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Trippie Redd, Riff Raff, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott and Young M.A.

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Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers’ Grillz | Fine Points | GQ


  1. Da- ComeBackKid

    69 tax this guy

  2. my ? is to ?? then act like i dont kno nobody. ?

  3. Colored diamonds are literally colored by ppl. I used to sell grillz and this guy was way to concerned with what happens if a had jeweler makes your teeth and you lose the diamonds

  4. Tbh I didn’t know grills can be dangerous…

  5. Yall talkin about grills without mentionin Kodak

  6. Breaking their tooth will be quick money

  7. This is guy is the great value g eazy

  8. Y’all should’ve had kodao

  9. Y’all really just left post Malone out

  10. Green sapphires..? You sure those aren’t emeralds?

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