Jennifer Reveals BIG NEWS About Malaysia 🤯 📰 Basketball Wives

Jackie’s ponderosa takes a turn for the worst when Jennifer drops major news about Malaysia’s personal life.

#BasketballWives #VH1

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    And these ladies are HOW OLD again??? 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Jackie just asked that question because she was noisy and she didn’t want to be left out ! Messy ass !!! Omg this why I can’t watch this whole show I just watch the previews

  3. I agree with Mrs. Milesha that she doesn’t need to be an open book, she doesn’t need to talk about her personal business for the other females, to behave accordingly, empathetic, respectful, kind, helpful, courteous etc…,

  4. Jackie is a sicko predator. So creepy.

  5. Reasons why I dislike Jackie the messy old bag

  6. So what if her house was foreclosed.
    Sometimes in life people try to hard to hold onto things that God has already told them to let it go. So, when it’s taken from you, there’s usually a beautiful reason and blessing to follow. Jennifer is a bonafide gold digger. She dates anyone with a business and money. It’s never about their personality. Hell, she dated Tim, from Sweetie Pies🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Malaysia needs to get away from these women 🙄🙄 run gurl…. RUN

  8. In my opinion Jackazz is Dirty As Hell She Wanted Jennifer To Say That allegedly

  9. Yeah no why would you open up to snakes?? Jen did exactly what Malaysia knew she’d do!! Throwing that situation that Malaysia went through in her face was awful!! Jen is a evil person!! She ain’t a friend to no1!!

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