Jennifer Aniston’s First Text During Her Plane Scare Was from Ellen

Jennifer Aniston recalled her startling crisis event on a plane and how Ellen was the very first person who texted her to make sure she was ok. The actress in addition dismissed tabloid rumours, and discussed how nobody should be ashamed of being naked.



  1. Her lips look way fake! Too much filler,

  2. Brian Adventures

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  3. Brian Adventures

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  4. Freshangel E.N

    Brad must be beating himself up right now !!!

  5. Total Aquarius. . .

  6. beautifly Jen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This was a great interview!!!!! ?

  8. 4:55 LOL Love Ellen.. she’s brilliant.. and seriously how good does Jennifer Aniston look…

  9. I Love Jen Aniston because She Almost Always Wears Watch On Left Hand Elegant Woman Only Wears Watch On Left Hand Except Left Handed Woman .

  10. mhamed belkhayat

    Win win win win

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