Jennifer Aniston on Adam Sandler’s Questionable Wardrobe

Jennifer Aniston described her “Murder Mystery” co-star Adam Sandler’s not so terrific cloth wardrobe and his decision to go really informal for supper at George Clooney’s residence. The star in addition left a comment on the discussion over who she’s better friends with – Ellen or Reese Witherspoon.



  1. Charles Chudabala

    GAWD she’s BEAUTIFUL ??

  2. Christone Sanchez

    Go follow me on Instagram @grandlife310 I’ll follow back.


  4. Seriously. Jen is gorgeous and funny. How is she single? She is just amazing to me

  5. Dragon Lightgalatic

    she is a cutie.

  6. Stacey y sus Pollitos

    I didn’t think that I could love Jennifer anymore

  7. White women REALLY love this chick.

  8. Jen is all around Beautiful!

  9. The Ellen Andy fights are funny

  10. ExampleAccount 666

    I love Jennifer! Fashionably late and worth the wait! She is cool.

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