Jeff Beck Performs “What Mama Said” | Letterman

The fabled rock guitarist performs a song from his album, “Who Else!”
(From “Late Show,” air date: 3/22/99)

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  1. Jeff Beck was the true master of tone. Blow by Blow and Live Wire still stand out as two of the major influential albums of all time.

  2. Hey everyone. I’m very ashamed to not know many of his songs. I play guitar and bass. I’ve always meant to listen to his music. I’m feel terrible I didn’t appreciate him when he was still alive. But I’ve always respected his opinion on tone(because of the pickups he’s helped create.) But also I’ve heard he has truly been an outstanding guy throughout his life.

    What songs should I start listening to?

  3. I do not know his body of work, but this piece was very inventive.
    farewell Mr.Beck.

  4. Nobody has ever copied his style, and I dare guess that nobody ever will.

  5. Garbage !

  6. Boring, a bad songwriter and overrated to the max.

  7. Statuscaster fender needs a custom jeff Beck🔥🇨🇦

  8. Just bizarre stuff..nothing amazing here in my opinion…there are far better guitarists..Alvin Lee, Randy California, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, SRV, Johnny Winter, Tony Iommi, Jerry Camtrell, Angus Young, Mick Taylor…to name a few…

  9. Guitar maestro.. RIP

  10. We’ll miss you dearly Jeff. This loss hits hard. I’m already on hold to buy pre-sale tickets to see him at the Cloud Nine Club the Saturday after I’m called home as well.

    I saw him on back-to-back nights in Chicago / Milwaukee on the Who Else! tour in ’99. Rented a 300mm lens and took photos from the back of the Chicago Theater’s main floor until the house confiscated the film in my camera and made me check the gear at the coat closet…but I still had two finished rolls in my pocket that came home with me! The good ‘ole days.

    When Jeff took a bow with the band at the end of the show in Milwaukee, his headstock accidentally hit the floor and what does he do? He jumps at the chance to create, reaches around to fiddle with things and turns it into a short burst of tantalising sound effects that caught us all off guard and left us smiling in amazement. Genius entwined with passion then put forth spontaneously…that’s Jeff through and through. You were a blessing to us all.

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