Jeff Beck 1944-2023 R.I.P.

On this livestream I talk about the tragical news of Jeff Beck’s passing.


  1. All the great ones are passing so sad

  2. Resurrection Auto Rebuilders, LLC

    The kings of rock and roll guitar are passing. RIP Jeff Beck. Your playing has touched every single one of us who have ever picked up a guitar. Can someone check on Gilmour? Make sure he’s doing ok!

  3. Lefthanded Limericks

    I got to see Mr. Beck at his first show after the Rock n’ Roll HoF induction ceremony. It was an amazing show & I loved watching him & Tal Wilkenfeld play the bass at the same time. Shalom sir. You were definitely one of a kind & will be missed. 🥀

  4. I had the honor of meeting him after a show in Tulsa in 2019. He signed one of my guitars. It was one of best concerts I’ve ever attended. Every note went somewhere…the dynamics, the phrasing. He was a true master musician. This is hard news, but I believe Jeff is feeling our love and remembrance on the other side.

  5. Tim keeps saying “Jeff was just ahead of us” I’m sorry! Jeff was WAY ahead of anyone, no one came close. RIP Jeff!

  6. Why is our relationship/love for our mothers so full of emotion? Because the joy of that special relationship is so unique and singular- it’s almost odd and constantly new. That’s how Jeff played – 100% new at all times. Perhaps that’s why this loss is so powerful to us. He was so different- and always will be even through history.

  7. Deborah Montgomery

    Oh wow. Ouch. Rest In Peace Jeff, and thank you so much,so,so talented. Thank you Rick for the info.

  8. Michael Malo drums

    Massive massive loss 😢

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