Jedi Survivor has finally come and so have I


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  1. Commander Devil

    haha zanny I already know marrin doesn’t die

  2. Man, why?!

    Why did you play it on PC? Or on performance mode?

    It’s like everyone keeps telling you guys how to save yourself an aneurysm, yet you persist to give yourself one.

    Why man? Is it masochism? Because you can just crank up the difficulty for that one.

    I heard Rayvis regenerates health during that second phase like that Malenia goitch except this time it’s intentional.

    Want to crush your balls? You don’t have to break the game to make it more difficult, you can just play on Grand Master…

  3. Wind Sage Dragon

    im so depressed that it does not have a ps4 release

  4. Axe the Viking

    Oh, just you wait…

  5. Why did they use that actor for the game? He has a very punchable face lol

  6. Dante's Hollowed Grounds


  7. Wen is the next video

  8. let the downloading of movesets begin once again, though I doubt after 136 gb that you have any space for that left.

  9. The Hidden One Gaming

    It was so funny for the whole time Zanny’s like Im putting a team together or Is that Darth Maul

  10. PART 222

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