Japan’s Futuristic Smart Cities Have A Dystopian Dark Side

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Saudi Arabia’s NEOM clever city project has gotten quite a bit of attention lately, but Japan has a fistful of brainy towns in development that are every bit as groundbreaking and unusual and… perhaps problematical? Particularly a project called The Woven City by Toyota. Let us take a look at them.

Here is how:

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0:00 – Intro
3:36 – SSTs
4:36 – Akio Toyoda
5:43 – Woven City
6:49 – Hydrogen Fuel Cells
7:27 – Health Monitoring
10:00 – Progress and Funding
13:20 – Sponsor – Superior


  1. So what’s new ???

  2. Maybe it’s good on Toyota that they are going for hydrogen power. While it was only an episode of The SGU, it’s mainly science, and that’s to the point that they talked a lot about “Golden Hydrogen” around the world, Golden means that it’s pure and become water once spent. Big thing about Olivine (Iron ore, and I’m sure others count too) but iron ore, and heated water from not too deep in the Earth’s crust, or something closer, but I think what was found out about hydrogen is fairly huge.

    I’m not sure how we could harvest it, but it seems we have enough of an idea about how hydrogen works that this may happen fast… Or not at all, but still I want to be excited about this because it’s nice when something doesn’t suck.

  3. This world is finished, but Jesus Christ never loses, God promised a new kingdom with no pain, suffering, or sin

  4. Heero Sanos Yuy

    ステッカー 安い 豊富

  5. Joe your naivety grows stronger with each video….Common sense alone will tell you what grim future any “smart city” leads to….No thanks!

  6. Did you just say they’re going to enslave us and your response was well I guess we’ll see

  7. They are really drawing the line on the sand about stopping oil

  8. Racoon City umbrella corporation

  9. If I had enough money I’d move out of the city and live out on a farm…

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