Welcome to Day 1, but technically Day 0 HAHA

(つ≧▽≦)つ Please Open me! (¯▿¯)

OfflineTV crew go to JAPAN! Make certain to stay tuned to my channel and everyone else’s to look at all the most recent Japan video blog content. We will be investigating Japan and vlogging or streaming the content! 😀

00:00 Preview
00:09 Intro
00:15 Day 0 Begins!
00:55 Business Class
01:13 Airplane Food Review W/ Lily
02:33 Japan
03:31 A wild Toast appears!
05:04 Ramen!
06:05 Hotel & Day Overview
07:25 Upcoming Content
08:40 Outro

#OTVJapan #sydeon #offlinetv


  1. Michelle Avendano

    Yay great vlog syd !

  2. Damnnn Ichiran ramen as ur first meal? That’s pretty great

  3. It looks cool, the only thing I don’t like is that it seems that everything is always in small spaces like cubicles such as the plane, the desk where they ate, it’d remind me to much of detention in middle school 😂

  4. Destination Japan

    Cringe foreigner

  5. Damn Syd using chopsticks better than half the other Asians I meet 😃

  6. Wait i didn’t know i wasn’t subscribed to your channel, now i am😂😂

  7. This is not only uploaded so fast but edited so well too!! The editor/s are great!!! Good job editor/s! Thanks Syd for the earliest vlog post!! ❤️

  8. holy shit the sheer quickness of this vlog being pumped out

  9. You better learn how to find toilets in Japan.

  10. Enjoyed the vlog sydney! gj 👏

    btw I woke up and watched this vlog and instantly drooled on my pillow when you showed the ramen 🤤

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