Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Disguised Toast

Use my code CDAWG15 at https://partner.bokksu.com/CDawgVA to get $15 off your first Bokksu Japanese snack box!

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  1. Toast be like “I’m gonna get this character from a famous anime to get the viewers on my side”
    Meanwhile Connors community that will give anyone the votes to piss Connor off

  2. CDawgVoneAshirt

  3. 7:06 I Wonder which Anime are not mid, but higher for him (besides Jojo) 🤔💁🏻‍♂️

  4. The “C” in “Cdawg” stands for “Cinnamon”.

  5. the C in CDawg stands for Cinnamon

  6. *Man with 120 iq* : “Now watch this 500 iq play”
    _Proceeds to fail continuously_

  7. 33:17 is pui pui molcar!

    It’s on Netflix and definitely less aimed at kids! 😂 They’re guniea pigs+cars

  8. a charitable goddanmmit! 😂

  9. 17:11 nice touch with the metal gear sfx?. editor ♥

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