Jamie Lee Curtis Accepts the Oscar for Supporting Actress

Watch Jamie Lee Curtis’s Oscar 2023 acceptance speech for Actress in a Supporting Role for her characterization of Deirdre Beaubeirdre in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. See more Oscar recognition lectures and highlights on Oscar.com and in the ABC app!


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    I really wanted Angela Bassett to win but Jaimie Lee Curtis is also deserving, damn why can’t two people win the same?

  2. Angela Bassett was in a sour mood even before she lost. Take a close look at her when Ke Huy Quan won. She stood but didn’t clap for him either. Voters remember that kind of behavior.

  3. the Oscar is still the same racist award show. Angela Bassett no doubt should have won this but they didn’t want to hear her speech of the struggle and reparations we are owed!!!!

  4. That award should’ve went to Angela Bassett TF

  5. The one with the yellow thought she had that lol

  6. Jamie Lee Curtis won a Oscar thumbs up for her

  7. You did it congratulations

  8. To me, she’ll always be the mom in Freaky Friday
    Congrats Jamie
    You deserved it

  9. “Oh Shut Up!”

  10. LOL. She didn’t deserve a Oscar for that one. I thought Angela Basett should had gotten that one

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