James Holzhauer finally loses on Jeopardy!

The 34-year-old professional gambler captured the attention of millions during his Jeopardy! run. Here is a look at what he accomplished while on the show.


  1. He got tired of all the criticism

  2. Somehow this one looked fixed.

  3. JEOPARDY has a reputation for not being “woman friendly”. They were forced to add more woman-friendly questions a few years back. What a coincidence that a woman who looks like a feminist beat him. Question: why did the audience start cheering when James H. started losing? Audience stacked against him?

  4. Something stinks about this. Why did Holzhauer make such a timid Final Jeopardy bet? Everyone knows the only way to beat him was to get the lead going into Final and then bet 1 dollar more than Holzhauer could get if he doubled his amount. (You know he is going to get the Final question correct.) That’s exactly what this lady did, so she would have won anyway, but…I just don’t understand Holzhauer’s strategy. Extremely strange.

  5. This man was truly big game James!!

  6. Not Michael Blackson

    He threw the win , she fought hard the entire time but let’s be real he tossed that game at the end

  7. Tigers Fan All Day

    My mom literally cried when he lost!

  8. It was a heck of a ride.

  9. They planned it before coming to show

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