James Corden’s Message After the Texas School Shooting

After at least 20 folks were shot and killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, James shares his sense of heartbreak about the day’s events and displeasure about the way nothing ever appears to change when it comes to America’s rampant gun brutality.


  1. Robin DenBeste


  2. James for preaident!!!

  3. anthony whitehead


  4. Richard the Great

    My Lord. God help us.

  5. calabazas bike

    No Vote for Guns (gun support politicians).

  6. We took “Thou shalt not murder” out of the schools and, apparently, the parents don’t teach it either. The root cause of this horrible violence the way we raise our kids. They are out of control. They respect no one, including themselves. They don’t fear their parents, teachers, the police or judges. They are violent little thugs that don’t value life. They are feral.

    You can blame guns all you want, that doesn’t even come close to addressing the root cause.

    We already require background checks to purchase firearms. Where are the improvements to make them more effective?

    It is a Federal crime to lie on your ATF Form 4473(Firearms Transaction Record). Why isn’t this improved and enforced? Hunter Biden still hasn’t been investigated for applying for a Handgun transfer while he was abusing crack cocaine.

    The National Instant Criminal Background Check system is only effective when the States cooperate. The Parkland shooter acquired weapons because the school district withheld pertinent information, so they would be eligible for federal funds. Where are the improvements to this system?

    Joke Biden just sent 53 BILLION dollars to the Ukraine to arm their citizens. Where are the funds to secure our schools?

    We have several cities that the violent crime rate is skyrocketing, they all have extremely strict gun laws. What is their excuse?

    James if you don’t like guns, be a man and admit it.

    If we want peace on our streets we had better start by raising humans instead of violent little thugs.

    If you don’t like the Constitution, there is a process to change it. Just don’t be surprised if one of the proposals is to abolish the Union altogether.

    If you want to be safe, you better look out for your self. The idiots are defunding the police and refuse to hold criminals accountable for their actions.

    Get armed, get the training to know when and how to defend yourself, or become a victim.

  7. Yes it’s tragic but this performative acting is disgusting. Steve Kerr had an actual real reaction not prompted by a huge conglomerate. Watch it.

  8. Patricia hamilton johnson

    You said James the higher ups don’t give a crap they have gun lobbyists in their pockets they don’t want change

  9. Its always after the fact that “there were signs of his intentions” face book posts etc. That’s when these deviants need to be thrown in the rubber room, permanently.

  10. I hope those who survived grow strong and I hope those who died love life in heaven. I hope those families get the peace they need. This has happened far to many times the government has to ban all guns they should’ve made them illegal on the first time it happened. How many more will they let happen to do something about?

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