Jalen Hurts takes a NASTY hit on sideline & Nick Sirianni bellows at Robert Saleh

Jalen Hurts takes a late hit out of bounds by LB Quincy Williams, Jordan Mailata and Head Coach Nick Sirianni did not appreciate it


  1. If you can’t tackle the QB in bounds, I guess the Jets have the closest thing they will get to a sack. Let’s go Jalen! Glad you just got up and let him know “that’s all you got, Bro?!”

  2. I suddenly respect Sirianni a whole lot more. Awesome.

  3. That’s the exact play that took out Bledsoe

  4. The fact that the jets head coach, is so calm about it doesn’t make sense to me. U cost us 15 yards, for absolutely no reason. He was 3 yards out of bounds! Unnecessary mane.

  5. I’ll take them serious when they get him back with a cut back hit like Juju did against that dirty bastard from Cincinnati.

  6. Late hit yes no head involved dont be pussy tell what it is

  7. He should have be ejected and suspended 3 games.
    Jalen was way out of bounds, and he lead with his helmet.
    Get that trash ass DB out of here

  8. Can’t blame him, preseason bro? Like really? Get ya people on check.

  9. That’s how Drew Bledsoe ended his career against the Jets.

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