Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury | Highlights | ESPN Ringside

Check out these highlights from Tommy Fury’s split decision triumph over Jake Paul.


  1. Didn’t even show jakes knockdown. How is this the highlights?

  2. Even tho dont like the guy due to arrogance, have to give jake props still for holding his own he held out to the end swinging …props to both guys was a good fight

  3. So did Jake pay up? His half in the bet with Tommy’s dad?

  4. Jake the biggest joke in boxing what a clown

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    If you’re upset about there not being a knockout here, try Fleshy’s top of the line Synflex prostate massager for a knockout orgasm!

  6. Split decision? 🤷🏾‍♂️ I think everyone agrees a knockout would be the most satisfying outcome for this trash talking rich kid turned youtuber pretending to be a real boxer. Someone please knock him out. I don’t even care if it’s in the ring. As long as it’s on camera, I’ll be satisfied.

  7. First real boxing fight, first real boxing loss lol

  8. Still gotta give jake his props that fight was close asf

  9. I can’t lie Fury had some combinations but Jake landed some heavy hits fury got a strong jaw

  10. Jake is a great boxer for how long he’s been in the sport.

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