Jaden Hossler & Nessa Barrett Kiss & Cuddle While Wearing Each Other’s Clothes On A Lunch Date

#JadenHossler & #NessaBarrett Kiss & Cuddle While Wearing Each Other’s Clothes On A Lunch Date At Shutters On The Beach In Santa Monica 4.13.21 – TheHollywoodFix
[Video & Imagery Supplied By Jvshvisions/BACKGRID]
(Used Under License/With Approval)


  1. i hate them so much… mistakes? we need more than a sorry

  2. The audacity they have- i can’t.

  3. Can we all just calm down, why are people so invested in the lives of people they have never met!

  4. Its_Ally Official

    Y’all can hate on them but at the end of the day it’s their life they can choose to date each other or not

  5. It’s the betrayal for me- 💀✋🏽

  6. Madison Steadman

    Tbh this is so messed up. Jaden said chase broke bro code for kissing nessa and here he is with his best friends girlfriend that his best friend still loved. I think mads deserves better friends a better boyfriend and an apology. Josh deserves better friends and a better girlfriend. And when yall are saying “I ship them so much” just think how mads and josh feel. Nessa and jaden got matching tattoos already they moving too fast I swear next week they will get married or sum 💀

  7. Well big deal. I guess people have no life except what other people are doing.

  8. Liek not trying to be mean and all just let them be

  9. Rinielle 아리엘 Choi

    Who are they and why are they trending?

  10. who gives a shit

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