Jack Benny and Mel Blanc – The Man of a Thousand Voices | Carson Tonight Show

Original Airdate: 01/23/1974
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  1. Legends all.

  2. I watched Johnny Carson every night for years Great show and memories. There was never a dull moment on that show

  3. I am a boomer and grew up with all the TV and movie greats. God how I miss them. Heaven must be the funniest place with all these guys.

  4. Ohh the days when you could fire up a heater on live TV 🔥🚬 nobody criticized Johnny or spoke badly of him for it, but nowadays if a guy did that they’d tear them apart on social media, RIP to the judgement free days!

  5. Love you bugs, I grew up watching You,

  6. Where have them all gone?

  7. Sad to say these guys are gone but this is great entertainment even today

  8. Jack didn’t give up the number one seat, did he?

  9. Magnifico Giganticus

    This is so genuinely funny!

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