J.R. Smith’s NBA Finals error merits a deep rewind | Warriors vs Cavaliers 2018

The Cavaliers and Warriors battled in the NBA Finals four successive years. LeBron James versus Steph Curry and the Warriors just became an anticipated match-up to conclude the season. But the last Finals series between these two teams was not quite as close as we had come to anticipate and it left a sour taste in the mouths of Cavs fans. It all began with a Game one slugfest, finishing in one of the many errors made by wild card two guard, J.R. Smith.

Written and produced by Mike Imhoff
Directed by Ryan Simmons
Edited by Joe Ali and Ryan Simmons


  1. So many shots from this years playoffs deserve a rewind.

  2. as a clevelander, this makes me physically sick to my stomach to watch

  3. Who uses a VHS tape in 2018?

  4. ❤️

  5. “Lebron hintched a ride to LA just not to make the playoffs” oof

  6. Biased af… They spent like 3 minutes jerking off over the 2016 title, and just breezed through the 2015/2017 Warriors titles in a couple of seconds.. I can already picture the narrator going to sleep in Lebron bedsheets

  7. Renaissance Radio

    To be fair they were going to lose four games in a row regardless

  8. This was coach mistake as much as it was JR’s… They had a timeout…

  9. taking a 200 student high school basketball coaching job is a good decision over taking a Knicks job. The Knicks are about terrible of an NBA team to coach or manage or anything as any other job in basketball period.

  10. I felt so bad for LeBron that game… That series would have been so different otherwise…

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