J.I.D – 2007 (Official Visualizer)

Pre-order #TheForeverStory out 8/26:

#JID #2007 #JCole


  1. JID ✊🏽🆙

  2. What sort of crap is this?

  3. Ib really came and laid heat on that part of the song lol

  4. i been on jid since ab a week after never story dropped i knew right then he was gonna be special i knew that no matter what he put out i’d listen i knew that he was gonna make it to the top and fuck the game up forever story gonna do that for him i have so much excitement for this album i can’t even put it all into words

  5. JID this track is true art work

  6. J.I.D! ⭐️

  7. Love the Dad’s part.

  8. JID single-handedly changing the rap game

  9. Heard some people comparing JID to Baby keem 😤🤧. In terms of next genes greats.

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