I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This California Blizzard Disaster

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Thank you to my friend Kip Moore for the acoustic version of his song California


– Patriottruckerz, Utah valley
⁃ Four Season out of Highland Utah valley
⁃ Joshua Grading & Excavating out of Phelan California
⁃ Ralph Smith out of Bountiful Utah
⁃ KC Logistics located in West Valley
⁃ Mr get Muddy out of San Diego
⁃ 910 Telicom out of Denver Colorado
⁃ Black sheep skid
⁃ T’s Landscaping out of Clearfield UT
⁃ Monte and Jeremy out of Saint George
⁃ Pine Rose Cabins in Twin Peaks
– Peterson equipment for the snow cat and snow blower truck

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  2. LOL a taste of Canadian weather.

  3. It is sad because the state doesn’t want to help out. Commie California for you.

  4. Can’t believe nobody ain’t build an igloo or something with all that snow.
    Why couldn’t you flamethrow the snow while clearing the roads?

  5. Plus, biden doesn’t care for them. Cause they aren’t his voters base. It’s a really sad reality. He would rather spend money in a country we shouldn’t even be in

  6. GAHT DAM, we recently had really bad flooding, seems everyone’s getting something, Mother Nature is not happy with humans

  7. Santiago Jimenez

    God bless you guys God bless your family forever once again, just watching this video I cry❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. A good friend of mine lives in Crestline, I haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks! His phone goes straight to voice mail. . . .I hope him and his wife wife are OK. . .

  9. This should be on the news not just local it’s nice to see good news for a change 😊

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