I’ve Escaped from Apple

Dave2D setup for 2019. My everyday carry for tech finally has no more Apple hardware in the backpack. It is freeing!

Good icon pack – “Flight”
Lame icon pack – “Lines”

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Music Fili – Pressing Forward


  1. I’m free

  2. It’s okay, Dave, I lupt it!

  3. Which antivirus software do you use ?

  4. ら七みouこanきReza

    I broke my phone I have to fix it
    Dave Lee wife broke her phone get another one

  5. So this is just a sponsor?

  6. What’s that icon pack or theme on your phone?

  7. I thought you’re gonna go for the zenfone 6 lol

  8. Eh, I ditched the iPhone as well, but I will never be coming back to Windows. The problem is not the laptop – it’s the Windows OS itself – just too many painful memories and no, I’m sorry, but Windows 10 is still not there – and I did use it for a good 6 months. Honestly, Apple just needs to get their shit together as far as USB-C is concerned and work out a few kinks with the phone and I’ll be ready to come back.
    I’ve used OnePlus 5 – all good, but camera sucks which shows in the most unfortunate moments. Dunno if OnePlus 7 Pro fixed it?
    So I switched to Pixel 3XL – awesome device, love the camera and overall, the apps (the maintained apps) are super cool. But for the love of everything, the lag!! The constant Android lag that I am seriously getting tired of – both OnePlus and Pixel. Say what you will, but nothing beats an iPhone for the smoothness of operation.

  9. my backpack is from decathalon, it costs SGD$3.90.

  10. Good choice OnePlus 7pro so freaking nice vs Xr… Never look back iPhone…

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